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Our Missions Trips

+ Philippines 2016

We are returning to the Philippines, to Samar! We will join SICAP Center (Samar Integrated Community Advancement Project) and minister to the poor in Northern Samar where the latest poverty rate puts them at 62%. With both Pastor Jin & Pastor EMily, the team members are Jonathan, Charis, Simone, Angie, Jake, Alyson & Haley.

Haley's Videolog



+ Philippines 2014

In 2014, from July 10th to 21st, a team of youths along with several parents went to the Philippines for our annual short-term missions. We went to the Philippines because of the great need in the eastern Samar region where in November 2013, the super typhoon Haiyan struck and killed over 10,000, wreaking havoc in the health and lives of the Filipinos living there. Through Pastor Jin’s contact in Samar, we joined the local Christian team to engage in a number of ministries, including children’s ministry, youth rally, house to house evangelism and prayer support. We also helped fund the rebuilding of a children’s center, a scholarship for one of the children, and funded the reconstruction of a main road in one of the villages.



+ Peru 2013

In 2013, from July 16th to 26th, we partnered with Bernardsville Presbyterian Church to go down to Peru to engage in much needed ministry and support. We made for a good fit because Bernardsville brought older adults and we were mainly youths. In Peru, we visited three locations to do ministry. In the countryside city of Apata (located 11,000 feet above sea level), we visited a local school and engaged in ministry with all of the students through three assemblies. We also went house to house for evangelism and a large rally where we gave out clothes. In the capital city of Lima, we visited two local churches for Sunday worship and a church in the slums where we held a rally and met great local Christians. And finally, we travelled to Cuzco where we stayed with a local orphanage and ministered to the children there. It was a bitter goodbye as we said our farewells to our new friends.

+ Philadelphia 2012

In 2012, from July 23rd to 27th, for five days, our youths went down to Philadelphia and assisted in the ministry of Logan Hope. Logan Hope is a ministry serving the needs of the Cambodian refugee families in northern Philadelphia and our youths were able to provide energy and manpower to the daily ministries run for the children.