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[Pastor Jin makes extensive use of powerpoint slides during his preaching - maps, images, photos, etc. which may not translate well when simply listening to the message.]

2017 Sermons

08.13.17 - "Living Worthy Lives" (Colossians 1:9-10) (26 min) This sermon introduces "How Now Shall I Live?" with an important foundation -- Our new life reflects the high value of Jesus Christ, our Savior. He is worth changing our life for, to going from living for ourselves, to living for God and others.

08.06.17 - "Privilege of Prayer" (Ephesians 6:18-20) (22 mins) A new sermon series "How Now Shall I Live?" about living as a Christian based on Paul's letters. Pastor Jin begins with a subject of prayer. Also a children's message by Pastor Emily. And a testimonial by Andrew Chu.

07.30.17 - "Following God Successfully" (Numbers 9:15-23) (36 mins) The final sermon on Numbers, Pastor Jin begins with a short summary of the past four sermons in this series before turning to the Tabernacle to ask, was it worth entering? And noted, people didn't have to follow the pillar of cloud.

07.23.17 - "Praying Together" (2 Corinthians 1:8-11) (27 mins) Apostle Paul wrote a difficult letter to the Corinthians in which he began with a well-deserved compliment - he thanked them for praying with him during his most difficult time. he felt their prayers and was blessed by them.

07.16.17 - "Touching Jesus" (Luke 8:40-48) (26 mins) A break in the Numbers series, Pastor Jin turns to a well-known story of the woman who bled for 12 long years coming to Jesus to be healed. She came to touch, armed with faith. And Jesus made one request in return - testify to all.

07.09.17 - "At the Front of the Tabernacle" (Numbers 28-29) (27 mins) Fourth sermon on the series on Numbers, Pastor Jin looks at the Altar of Sacrifice at the entrance of the Tabernacle and the extensive and costly requirement by God for those who come seeking audience with God.

07.02.17 - "Someone is Praying for You" (Deutoronomy 9:1-7, 18-20, 25-26) (23 mins) Sermon on Communion Sunday, this shorter sermon looks at Moses' last words to the stiff-necked Israelites. Why is God so good to them? Moses tells them that he's the reason. He's been praying for them.

06.25.17 - "Manna was Bland" (Numbers 11:4-121) (32 mins) Third part on Numbers, we take a new look at the famous story of manna from heaven. The excitement is gone after 39 years of the same thing and, in truth, manna wasn't very good. People and Moses complained against God.

06.18.17 - "Testing of the 12 Spy Leaders" (Numbers 13:1-2, 17-20, 25-31) (31 mins) For something that should have taken a little mor than a year, it took the Israelites 40 years to finally arrive at the Promised Land. Why did it take them so long? Here's the real story about the 12 Spy Leaders.

06.11.17 - "From Mouth of Donkey?" (Numbers 22:22-31) (30 mins) Pastor Jin begins a loose series in the book of Numbers. He kicks off with a funny story of Balaam and his donkey. From it, three important points are addressed that speak vital truths for us today.

06.04.17 - "Holy Spirit and Philip" (Acts 8:29-35) (29 mins) Pentecost Sunday sermon on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. By studying the story of Philip's obedience to the Holy Spirit, we learn that the Spirit is always speaking to us, and he speaks to others as well. Also a children's message by Pastor Emily.

05.21.17 - "Wonderful Ministry Together" (Ephesians 6:21-22) (31 mins) Rev. Justin Choi guest speaker. Sharing from his heart after church planting for the last six years, Rev. Justin turns to an unfamiliar coworker of Paul, Tychicus and his faithful partnership with Paul.

05.14.17 - "A Missionary's Reflection on the Feeding of the 5,000" (John 6:1-15) (27 mins) Dr. Bob Shim, missionary to Thailand is our guest speaker. He looks at the oft-preached Jesus' miracle of feeding the 5,000 to offer a missionary's perspective. He also shares the latest stories from the field.

05.07.17 - "God's Love for Us - Part II" (Hosea 11:1-12) (20 mins) Sermon by Pastor Emily, as the first part of Hosea focuses on God's relationship with his people as husband and wife, here, the image is father and child. What does it mean to be God's child, and for God to be our Father?

04.30.17 - "The Church: Checking Our Discrimination" (Acts 6:1-6) (29 mins) On this second part of the series on The Church, we turn to the Early Church that seemed so perfect on the outside, but inside, there was a problem of discrimination. But it was much more than that.

04.23.17 - "The Church: God's Call On Our Lives" (Exodus 19:5-6) (30 mins) Pastor Jin returns to Exodus 19 to reveal a similarity between Christians and the newly rescued Israelites at the foot of Mt. Sinai. For both, God is giving them their identity and task. What are we to God, and what is our task?

04.16.17 - "Meeting God in the OT" (Exodus 19:10-25) (21 mins) Easter Communion worship, Pastor Jin looks at the way the people met God in the Old Testament and how that changed with the coming of Jesus and his death. It's a gospel in a nutshell. Also a children's message by Pastor Emily.

04.09.17 - "Jesus Changed the Passover" (Luke 22:14-20) (25 mins) Beginning of the Passion Week, Pastor Jin focused on the evening of the Passover Meal. In Luke, we find Jesus and his disciples finished with this meal, but then Jesus brings out another plate, the bread and wine.

04.02.17 - "Good News!" (Acts 3:17-21) (18 mins) A shortened communion sermon. While the message of Jesus' coming into the world was not new, the message of the cross and the wiping out of sins was new...very new. Good News! Also a children's message by Pastor Emily.

03.26.17 - "From Bethany, Jesus Blessed" (Luke 24:50-53) (25 mins) A short intro sermon with three amazing testimonies by our Ruth Malcolm, Jose Vargas & Giselle Aguila as we celebrated our 75th Anniversary of our founding.

03.19.17 - "Good Soil" (Luke 23:13-25) (27 mins) The scene is the unjust trial of Jesus. Using the parable of the sower and the seed as a reference, Pastor Jin unpacks the story and the people in them. The enemies of Jesus are corrupted soil, but we can be better. We must be good soil.

03.12.17 - "Peter's Denial of the True Jesus" (Luke 22:54-62) (28 mins) In the midst of Lent Season, we go back to the scene of Peter's denial. What made him go against his confession and deny Jesus? And what can we learn from his mistrake about the false Jesus and true Jesus?

03.05.17 - "Attached or Detached?" (John 15:1-8) (19 mins) A shortened communion sermon, the focus is on the actions of the branches - our thoughts and behavior reveal whether we are attached or detached. Also a children's message by Pastor Emily.

02.26.17 - "Messy Sinners" (John 8:2-11) (24 mins) Preaching from an enigmatic passaage, Pastor Jin focuses on the two statements of Jesus, "you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone" and "Neither do I condem you." He asks, what did it mean for them then, and for us today?

02.19.17 - "What is Faith?" (Numbers 13,14) (20 mins) Pastor Emily preaching, what can we learn from the twelve spies that were sent to report on the Promised Land? What went wrong with the 10, and what did Caleb and Joshua do right? It's about faith versus sight.

02.12.17 - "Crossing the Red Sea" (Exodus 14) (19 mins) Pastor Emily preaching, the focus is on the obedient response of Moses to God's command to raise his hands up in the air. God's power didn't require it, but God commanded it and Moses obeyed. Therein lies the secret to releasing God's power.

02.05.17 - "God's Got Our Backs" (Exodus 1:8-14) (23 mins) Communion Sermon for youths and adults. The Israelites had doubts about God. Who is he? Is he even the same God as their forefathers? Where is he? Why isn't he around? But Exodus 1 opens with a bang!

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